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At last, a platform that enables companies to maximize their digital opportunities: Plumb5. Plumb5 enables you to engage and interact with audiences on the web in real time, getting visitors to convert to buyers through pinpoint targeting.

Plumb5 is a fully integrated platform that addresses the problems of many companies today trying to leverage the internet to market or sell their products.


Analysing visitor profile

Plumb5 is a web analytic tool that enables you to track visitors to your website on different parameters: their source, location, site behavior, professions and activities. This is valuable data that gives you real time web analysis of visitor profiles.

Personalizing content

Plumb5 records all customer interaction in one place for real time web analysis. Based on insights gathered, you can personalize and target content, focusing on the right customers for your products or services.

Customer engagement

Plumb5 enables you to engage with your customer to understand his preference and buying patterns and get feedback. This plays an important part in successful retention.

Conversion through chatting

The platform invites your leads to chat on-line and discuss the offerings best suited to their requirements. You can communicate with your leads to follow up on their interests, thus resulting in greater conversion.

Connecting socially

Plumb5 enables you to connect with your customers socially and update them with relevant offers and build relationships for increased value.

Communicating with leads

You can initiate mail campaigns to generate interest among your leads and send automatic periodic mail follow-ups based on consumer interest.

Measuring leads

How effective is your lead base? Real time web analysis makes it easy to collect information and responses from browsing visitors – important data that helps conversion.

Content analysis and measurement

Plumb5 is an invaluable web analytic tool that allows you to accurately measure content of visitor views, focus on customer behavior, buying patterns and preferences and so lead to better engagement.

Building customer communities

You can build your own customer communities through Plumb5. You can have an on-going interaction with your customers. The platform also enables you to get product reviews and feedbacks. All this information is vital for repeat conversions.

Customer data

Plumb5 provides marketers with valuable customer data. It's a web analytical tool that gives you quality insights about customers. This enable marketer achieves higher customer retention.


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